PATA Cambodia Chairman's speech

PATA Cambodia Chapter has been established since 2011 with the main purpose to stimulate tourism industry in Cambodia to be more dynamic and competitive in the region. We, our Executive Committee and Secretary General, have been working very hard for years and trying to mobilize tourism related businesses to be our member. We have initiated to organize tourism events to bring people in the travel industry to meet, to build contact, to promote their 

business, to strengthen their relationship, to make people working together and support each other for a mutual benefit for their business and promote the industry for Cambodia. We have more plans to organize more events and activities to bring people closer, understand each other better and be able to work better together to promote sustainable tourism development. PATA alone cannot stand and stimulate the industry, we need cooperation with other association and involvement of the travel related businesses to work together with us and make this happen.

We need a strong commitment from our team and members. We would like to dedicate that our achievement is your achievement. Last but not least, on behalf of PATA Cambodia Chapter, I would like to thank very much to our Executive Committee and Secretary General to their effort and great contribution to growth PATA and tourism industry. Thanks to all members and partners for their active supports and cooperation with our team. 

Sincerely yours,

Thourn Sinan



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