Cambodia is proud to have a Chapter of PATA to stimulate the tourism industry, to be more dynamic and more competitive in the region.


PATA Cambodia Chapter works to mobilize all the tourism related business in the whole industry to work together with the vision to promote and strengthen responsible tourism development in Cambodia. The Cambodian Chapter was setup in August 2011 by six co-founders from travel businesses and with a strong endorsement of the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism. The major purpose of PATA is to promote the country as a must see tourism destination in Asia.


« A trustful institution to promote and enhance tourism industry in Cambodia for sustainable business development.»


  1. Bring together all the related tourism businesses to operate tourism in a responsible way and promote the sustainable competition
  2. Educate the industry on changing trends in the travel and tourism industry in Cambodia
  3. Assist in business growth for companies (both international and domestic doing business and focusing on Cambodia as a market)
  1. Network with professional expats to promote Cambodian tourism industry
  1. Build community of travel and tourism professionals in Cambodia
  2. Increase awareness of PATA in Cambodia
  3. Increase the number of members to become a leading voice within travel and tourism industry in Cambodia and to protect our tourism.
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