Seminar with university students:

PATA Cambodia Chapter in cooperation with other Universities to organize a seminar to raise awareness about PATA, its activities and the trend in the travel industry. Student is the next generation for the travel industry; it is important to open a chance for them to be engaged with PATA, build their network and practice their knowledge and to turn theory into practice.

PATA Cambodia Chapter will continue its activities with university to build a strong career for the next general to supply efficiency in the travel industry since HR is one of the biggest Challenges for Cambodian Travel Industry for the moment. There is not enough HR to supply in the hotels, restaurants, travel agents and other related tourism businesses. Cambodia Chapter is always open a chance for both local and international students to have their internship with PATA and its members. Therefore, we try to build to our HR in next generation for strengthen their capacity and knowledge including the experience for challenge to 2015 ASEAN Integration.

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