Report of PATACC 1st BIZ FAIR 2018

Report of PATACC 1st BIZ FAIR 2018

Report of PATACC 1st BIZ FAIR 2018

    Event Name 1st BIZ FAIR 2018
    Event Theme “Sharing & Working Together for Result”
    Event Date 2rd- 5th September-2018
    Event Venue Siem Reap & Phnom Penh

Executive Summary

    Pacific Asia Travel Association Cambodia Chapter (PATACC) and in collaboration with Reap Tourism Club and Cambodia Tourism Federation organized the 1st BIZ Fair 2018 in both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. The event was held from 2-4 September, 2018 in Siem Reap and study tours from 5-6 September, 2018 in Phnom Penh.
    With the strong endorsement and support from the Ministry of Tourism and His Excellency presence in both the Gala Dinners, the event was a great success for the HOSTED INTERNATIONAL BUYER and our local SELLER.
    The event successfully bring 40 International hosted buyers to Cambodia to meet up with local sellers in Cambodia and a neighbouring partner. Hosted international buyer were from ASEAN and the two fast growing country with tourism interest in Cambodia as a “new wonder destination” – India and Bangladesh.

Event Objective

    With the theme – “Sharing and Working Together for Result” as our main theme and purpose , PATACC set out to put together functions and meeting including Seminar for both the Buyer and Sellers – allowing all of them to focus on them spending time together both in serious working session as well as having fun and networking.
    The event have two working session on the 3rd September 2018 and we introduce a “win-win” concept of making appointments where ALL Sellers get a chance to meet ALL Buyers in the session Getting to Know You . Here they are given 4 minutes to exchange their contact and do their product and services brief and a “speed date” with the buyer for the afternoon Business Network Appointment.
    A seminar workshop was organized on 4th September 2018 for all Buyers and Sellers for Market Insights presented by Invited Speaker from the respective Market of China, India and Bangladesh. Finally a study tour of Phnom Penh with site visit was conducted for all International Buyers – here you get a firsthand view of the various tourism product available to them.


    A total of 116 people participated in the event both as Buyers and Sellers and 6 Host Hotels that accommodate the

International Hosted Buyer from ASEAN and East Asia

    There were 40 hosted oversea buyers from:

    • Indonesia 4
    • Philipine 4
    • Myanmar 2
    • Singapore 2
    • Thailand 3
    • Vietnam 2
    • Bangladesh 20
    • China 2
    • India 1

Agoda , and Expedia – International Online Travel Agent ( with contracting team based in Cambodia ) was also invite to participate with as local Buyers

Local Seller

    There were 38 local sellers come from tourism sector :

    • Travel Agent
    • Hotel
    • Restaurant
    • Transportation
    • Event & MICE
    • Art performance
    • Tourism Supermarket (Sorya Mall)
    • Graphic design and Printing
    • Aviation (Cambodia Airports)


  • Asssociation (Trat Tourism Business Association)
Media & TV ( online and prints both khmer and english )

  • BTV
  • PNN
  • Hang Meas,
  • Raksmey Kampuchea,
  • Khmer Time
  • Tourism Magazine
International prints and online Media:

  • TTG Asia,
  • Nihoa Magazine
Event Sponsors

    No event will be successful without the Sponsor who believes in the event Organizer objectives and their support and presence in various ways is FULLY APPRECIATED by PATACC
Platinum Sponsor –

  • Memoire Palace Hotels & Resorts
  • B2B Cambodia Co Ltd
Gold Sponsor –

  • Sorya Center Point
  • Thalias Hospitality
  • Sokhalay Angkor Resort & Spa
Bronze Sponsor

  • Palace Gate Hotel
  • SAKMUT Boutique Hotel
  • Smiling Hotel
  • Pacific Hotel
  • Hard Rock Café
  • Green Palace Hotel
  • Cambodia Airports
Highlights & Activities of 1st BIZ FAIR
02nd September 2018:

    Hosted Buyer Welcome Dinner and Official Opening of “1st BIZ Fair 2018” held at Malis Restaurant, Siem Reap. The event was graced by the presence of The event was welcomed remarked by H.E Pak Sokhom, Secretary of State of Ministry of Tourism and highly representative of H.E Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism and declared for opening by Dr. THOURN Sinan, Chairman of PATA Cambodia Chapter.

3rd September 2018

    The main event day started with a ceremonial Apsara Dance and Hosted buyer and seller started to be busy at work for two working seesion

  • Morning – Getting to Know You
  • Afternoon – Business Network Appointment
4th September 2018

  • Buyer & Seller Seminar on Market Insight of China , India and Bangladesh
  • Buyer – Ocular Inspection and visit to Hotel and Restaurant including Sightseeing activities
5th September 2018

  • Study Tour in Phnom Penh with visit to Hotel and various local activities
  • Farewell dinner for Hosted Buyers at Uy Kuy Teav Restaurant


    Based on feedback Interview with participants by the Media – below are the views and comments that will assist us to improve on the next coming BIZ FAIR to be held in May 2019.

Hosted Buyer
Mr. Taufiq Uddin Ahmed, Chairman of Tour Operations Association of Bangladesh (TOAB):

    It’s our pleasure and honor to be invited to join as oversea buyer in this event in Cambodia. We can meet lots of local sellers who has wonderful property and started to know about the diversification tourism products in Cambodia. However, those products would not be reached to Bangladesh market due to the several issues such as the flight connection and marketing the products. In my opinion, Mr. Taufiq stated, there should have direct flight connection from Bangladesh to Cambodia as it is more feasible to Bangladesh visitors to visit Cambodia. Moreover, marketing should be pushed stronger in order to bring Cambodia products reach to the visitors.
    As the consequences, it provides lots of benefits as there are so many sellers which I had wish to become our partners. With my participation in this event, I finally have a better connection and found many of good tourism key player in Cambodia.
    Mrs. Joyce Angeli Matullessia, Managing Director of Ibrena Tour from Indonesia
    Stated that Cambodia is rich of natural and cultural resources while most of Indonesian people perceived that Cambodia has only Angkor Wat and still in the war. Actually, he added, Cambodia is very stable and peaceful country which is very potential for tourism development. Besides Angkor Wat, Cambodia consists with number of fabulous temples such as Ta Prom Temple, Bayon Temple, Sambo Prie Kuk Temple, and other destination sites including beaches, ecotourism sites, Island…etc. Additionally, Cambodia contains with complex cultural practice such as diversified traditional shows, local celebrations, believe and religious, etc. At the same time, Cambodian people are also well recognized as friendly, honest and polite which are fundamental characteristics of the best hospitality professionals, she added.
    On the other hand, she was also agreed with Taufiq Uddin Ahmed increasing more direction flight from Indonesia to Cambodia as well as other countries. With more direct flight to Indonesia, it will help Cambodia to receive a greater number of visitors from Indonesia and also enhance the tourism development between for both countries.

Local Seller
Mrs. Jenny Sok, Sales Manger of Silk D’Angkor Boutique Hotel

    I am very delighted to attend this event as I could meet lots of buyer who come from different countries especially Bangladesh whose is new potential market for Cambodia. With this event, I would like to suggest PATACC to organize more event whether big or small, as it will provide more benefits and allow me to increase my networking with new and existing buyers. Moreover, I hope PATACC will bring more oversea buyer from other countries like from European, American, Japan and Korea rather than rely on only Chinese market.

Mr. Chan Phalla – Managing Director of Golden Asia Vacation

    Stated that 1st BIZ Fair is a useful event which allow us to meet almost 40 oversea buyers who are quite potential for Cambodia market. The event allows us to build more network, make new friends, exchange contact and earn more partners for our business. At the same times, I wish to have the more event happen in Cambodia annually, and I am very pleased to gather more local sellers to participate in this beneficial event. Last, I would like to thanks to PATACC for organizing this event. Without this event, I would not obtain such a great opportunity to receive such a huge number of international buyers, he stated.

Mr. Philip Kao, Founder of Memoire Hotels & Resorts Group / President of Siem Reap Tourism Club (STC)

    Expressed that we are really appreciated and honored to sponsor this event as we can promote our property among the many potential buyers. We are not only looking for buyers, we would like to see more media whether national or international as it could promote our attraction site and tourism industry widely.

Mr. Pich Sopontara, Business Development Manager of Cambodia Airports:

    1st BIZ Fair event is just a small event but gives us very great result. It not only a chance to enlarge network and partnership but able to promote Cambodia to overseas buyer who come from the various countries. The more buyer come the more tourist visit and the flight will be more active with various connection. Through participation and sponsorship of events such as these, Cambodia Airports strives to maintain partnerships with local and international businesses whose shared goal is Cambodia’s future success.


    All the participants conclude that their 4 days spent over the Event activities and working session is be useful and well satisfied with the format and activities organized
    We have set out and achieve our objective for the event – allowing hosted International Buyer to meet and know our tourism product and more importantly to be able to have a face to face meet up with local Seller. We have given the opportunity to our companies a great opportunity to showcase their product and services and to get to know what the Buyer market needs
    With our wealth of potential resource for tourism development, there is a need to deal with many challengers ranging from better flight connection, visa policies, destination marketing and tourism site management and many more. . . .
    For tourism industry sector growth, depending on a single market can be viewed as “limiting” our capacities thus there is need to explore more secondary market and better flights connection
    PATA Cambodia Chapter view the concluding of 1st BIZ Fair as a successful platform to bring Cambodia to not just allowing us to bring together Primary markets to our country but also as a great way to open up Secondary Market.
    PATACC will organize the 2nd BIZ FAIR in May 2019 focusing on inviting Overseas SELLERS in our neighbouring countries and a wider cover for Hosted International Buyer from India and North Asia.
    The 3th BIZ FAIR planned for August 2019 will be held in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and will focus on bringing together Partners and Corporation to meet and discuss business potential for MICE – focusing on Incentive Rewards program and Meetings.
    End of the report!
    Date: 10th September, 2018
    Prepared by: VUN Vyrak, Secretariat of PATA Cambodia Chapter
    Sent to: MoT, CTF, STC Exco-members, Buyer and Sellers, Members of PATA Cambodia
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